Furnishing a bedroom can easily become frustrating, but finding a bedroom set online with detailed specifications and a thorough breakdown of each feature dramatically simplifies the process. There are, in fact, three primary ways in which a bedroom set can provide a direct and meaningful impact on your interior design:

1) Size

Bedroom sets are designed to accommodate the size of your bedroom and account for any space lost by a sloping ceiling or oddly narrow floorplan. Traditionally, the assumption has been that a larger bed is necessarily better, but an oversize bed can easily make any space feel crowded and less comfortable. Matching the size of your bed to the size of your room is a fantastic way to keep a room feeling comfortably cozy rather than cramped. In general, remember that a bed should take up no more than a third of the square footage of a bedroom, though even this is pushing it. Fortunately, there are other solutions to the space issue. Newer bedroom sets are beginning to account for the non-traditional demands of modern bedrooms, as you will see.

2) Multifunctionality

Yet another space-saving and organizational feature of bedroom sets are their combinations of functions. Consider how a loft bed can allow enough additional space within a room to create an entire home office. A trundle or set of bunk beds increases the number of people who can sleep in a room without eating up valuable floor space, especially in a kids’ room where the space is so important. Even bookcases can be incorporated into the bedframe of a set to eliminate the need for additional shelving within a bedroom. Not to mention the ample storage space that many bed sets offer. Even dressers may come equipped with folding desks or tables that can be tucked away when not in use.

3) Cohesion

A bedroom set naturally unifies your bedroom, since each piece is already designed to work together and, visually, matches without additional alterations or accessories needed to “tie the room together.” In a smaller space, this is particularly advantageous, since the less furnishing is taking up space, the better able you are to keep the room feeling open and welcoming. A bedroom set matched with a single focal feature, such as a work of art or visually appealing area rug, is not only complete but comfortable.

See All Bedroom Sets bedroom sets online. Do not forget that the arrangement of your bedroom set is just as important as its features if you are to make the most of each piece. A drawer that cannot fully extend is far less likely to be utilized properly than one that is able to open all the way. It is a good idea to block off your space with gentle tape as you plan out where each piece of your set will fit within the bedroom. Remember that the best time to move furniture around is before it arrives! This way, when your free delivery does arrive, you are prepared to set up your new bedroom with the least amount of stress possible.