Discovered a slight leak, trickle, or worse puddles around your toilet?

This is your make-or-break moment.

Of all the plumbing issues you’ll encounter in your home, a leaking toilet is the one you shouldn’t (we’ll say that again) SHOULDN’T leave to worsen.

No doubt a leaking toilet is the most grievous of all the plumbing issues out there.

It also has the potential to balloon into scenes that literally belong in your worst nightmares.

Leaving a toilet leak isn’t just unhealthy, it has several other consequences that you should be aware of.

 Get ready for an expensive water bill

Did you know that a leaking toilet can waste up to 60,000 litres of water a year? That’s roughly 1,200 bathtubs of water, or in other words, a massive increase in your water bill.

A steadily leaking toilet can indeed cause your water bill to spike. So not only is it cheaper to fix your toilet issue as soon as possible, but you’ll also save precious water.

 Environmental burden

Wasting precious water isn’t just going to cost you every month, it’s also harmful to the environment. WA’s water supplies are coming under increasing stress due to the impacts of climate change – and flushing this precious resource down the toilet isn’t exactly going to help. Help conserve water by getting on top of your toilet leak as soon as you can.

 Don’t even mention the smell

A leak from the bowl of the toilet has the potential to stink out your bathroom and indeed your entire home. A sewage issue can amplify the issue – making your worst toilet nightmares a reality.

It’s best to get to the root of the issue as soon as possible to avoid sticking out the entire place!

 Prepare for rats, mice, and… nope it doesn’t get worse than that

You thought the smell was bad… just wait for the mice, and other rodents that thrive in these hellish environments. A leak that infiltrates your floors and walls can not only cause damage to your home and belongings, it also creates the ideal environment for these little guys who, let’s be honest, will probably end up spending their last days in your walls only stinking out your home even more.

 Mould damage and more

A leaking toilet, if gone undetected, or if left for too long can have a serious impact on the structural integrity of your bathroom walls, floors and cause all sorts of issues including mould infestations, rotten wood, and water damage.

A leaking toilet can easily become an expensive issue if you let it worsen over time. If you think you’ve fixed the issue, make sure it’s a lasting solution – you don’t want to realise a month later your leak has been slowly destroying your floors from beneath and walls from within.

What is causing my toilet to leak?

So what is causing this chaos? Here’s a couple of possible reasons your toilet is leaking:

Broken flush valves

A broken flush valve can prevent the water from being held in your tank. This can cause a gradual leak and make your toilet sound like it’s constantly filling up.

 Broken flapper

One of the main issues people have is a broken flapper which is the contraction that when lifted allows water to flush through the toilet into the bowl. Once the flushing is finished the flapper drops back down and finishes the flush cycle.

 Supply line or fill valve issues

Issues with the fill valve can often start out as small and innocent leaks but end up as major puddles affecting your bathroom floor, walls and potentially flooding your home. If your fill valve is not turning off when the cistern is full, this can quickly develop into a nasty issue and cause lasting damage to your home.

 Cracks and leaks around the base

If not dealt with fast, a crack or leak from the bowl or worse from a sewer pipe can quickly develop into a major plumbing issue that will require more than a day’s work to fix. Fixing sewer pipes, toilet bowls, water damage, and replacing flooring and walls can become extremely costly. If you suspect a leak may be coming from a supply line or a sewer, you must get in contact with a plumber ASAP.

Don’t waste time. Fix your toilet leak today.

If you’re not already on the phone, think about those rodents chewing their way through your sodden floor and walls to drink from puddles of sewage to multiply and spread. (okay, gross, too far)

Leaving a leaking toilet may seem like the “easy-out” option at first, but this can very quickly snowball into a fully-fledged plumbing disaster.

Don’t let the leak break you. Call a professional emergency plumber Perth today and fix your leak for good.