It is common for homeowners to look at switching their propane gas supplier. There can be many reasons behind this consideration like very high rates or a disappointing customer service. As a customer, you deserve the best quality service and response from the supplier and if you think your supplier is not delivering to your expectations you should look for another well-known supplier. Rest assured, this is not going to be a hassle for you. Finding the right company just needs a little bit of research and a few calls to make the change. All you need to make sure is that you be an educated customer so that you can make the right choice. Making the right decision will ensure that you are not put in a situation where you have make this choice again.

Steps to change your propane gas supplier?

Follow these easy steps to switch your supplier without any service interruptions.

Step 1: Sign with a new supplier before you get your tank removed

Before you cut your ties with the existing propane provider, make sure your new supplier is lined up so that can immediately fill in the void.

Evaluate multiple companies and sign-on with the new company immediately after you terminate your contract. Check with the company for the date on which they will remove the tank and inform the same to the new provider.

Step 2: Schedule the removal and installation of propane tank on the same day

You do not want to be in a situation where there is no fuel to run your appliances, right? Therefore, you must get the new company to install the tank on the same day as the old company removes it.

By doing this you will make sure that you don’t run out of fuel for any more than those few hours when the installation up is done.

Step 3: Check with the new supplier about switching costs

Sometimes the contract termination fees can become a lot, if your new propane gas supplier can bear at least a portion of this cost it will greatly reduce the burden on you. This financial support will make the choice much easier for you.

Key considerations to switch propane supplier

While you weigh the decision of switching your propane supplied and evaluate different service providers, here are some points you must consider.

  1. The termination costs for switching companies: When you end your contract earlier than the scheduled end date, you will have to bear some extra cost. This usually includes tank pump-out fees, pick-up fees and some closure fees.
  2. Startup and delivery charges by the new company: Switching propane gas supplier is easy, but it comes with some fees attached to it. Companies may charge an installation fee, delivery fee and a tank rental fee. It is wise to check with the new company, if they can waive the installation fee as an attraction for the new customers.
  3. Offerings of the new company: Ask your new service provider about the additional services they provide like maintenance services. Make sure you are switching to a company which has more comprehensive offerings.
  4. Low prices do not mean high quality of service: When you hire a propane company, you get what you pay for. So, do not fall for the trap of surprisingly low prices as this might mean hidden charges, substandard customer service and lots of inconvenience.

Keeping the above points in mind will make it easier for you to evaluate the various proposals you receive from suppliers. Make sure you do your due diligence before making a choice so that you choose the best propane gas supplier.