Finding a good plumber can be a tedious task especially with the current rise in number of fraudsters in the industry. Therefore, most people are not willing to commit to just any service provider but lack the know how to source a qualified service provider. This article will look at some of the ways in which you can ensure that you hire a qualified plumber.

Get referrals and recommendations from your network

You can ask friends and neighbors about their plumbing service providers. Given how referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses, it is more than likely that the plumber that your friends or neighbors recommend  are people that they have faith in. Additionally, you can look for user reviewed websites that contain recommendations and frustrations about local service providers around you. Check out Ventura Plumbing for skilled plumbers.

Get at least three referrals

The more service providers that you can review the better. Therefore, get at least three solid referrals before making any enquiries. By getting numerous recommendations, you will be able to review different rates and catalogues so as to settle on the one that suits you best.

Figure out your specific problem

Many plumbing companies offer a myriad of services including installation, repair and maintenance services. Other companies only specialize in one or two of these services. Therefore, you should be able to identify your issue beforehand in order to approach a company that caters to your specific needs.

Check online directories

Checking an online directory of plumbing contractors is a good method to find a professional plumber. Once you look a plumber online, you should review their customer ratings to get a feel of the company’s quality of service before entrusting them with your issues.

Seek recommendations from your insurance company

If you are unsure of which contractor to settle for, you can enquire with your insurance company. Most insurance companies make agreements with reputable local contractors. Therefore, you can take advantage of the review process from your insurance company as well as a discounted price based on the relationship between the plumbing contractor and your insurance company.

Licensing and certifications

Many regions require their plumbing contractors to be licensed and certified. Therefore. You can check with your local building department or consumer protection agency to find about the licensing requirements required of plumbers. If your state or locality has licensing laws, make sure the contractor’s license is current. Here at Ventura Plumbing we hire certified plumbers to serve you.

Ask for an estimate

You can ask for an estimate over the phone from your plumbing contractor. However, it is worth noting that estimates are rarely possible over the phone since it is also hard to diagnose the problem over the phone. For common repairs, it is likely that you will get a rough estimate based on the intensity of the problem. Asking for an estimate is also a good way to gauge customer service. Contact Ventura Plumbing today to get an estimate from a qualified plumber.


Plumbing contractors are often hard to navigate by physical means, therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of online websites to source for a good match.