Kitchens are one of the most crucial parts of the house due to the importance they hold. Often at times, kitchens are located at the centre of the house hence attracting the audience but what further attracts attention onto the kitchen is the benchtop it has. The benchtop does not have to be a big and lavish one, but one that complements the kitchen style and house. Kitchen benchtops are seen and worked on, on a daily basis hence they have to be almost perfect!

Benchtops may give various looks such as timber and oak, stone, marble, solid colour, concrete, etc.

Here are 7 various styles of benchtops that cater different aesthetics:

  • A Plain Concrete Benchtop:

This benchtop is a classic. It is a grey or dark matte look, based on your preference, giving a very ‘edgy raw look’ yet is simple.

  • A Rough Concrete Benchtop:

This benchtop is rather understood by those interested in arts. It is often misunderstood as dirty or messy but is rather matte black or grey with scratches of chalk like design on the surface giving a raw and pure feel to the kitchen. If you are in search of such trendy designs, the kitchen benchtops at Kaboodle have got you covered! Thye deal in the trendiest benchtops without you having paid an arm and a leg.

  • The Marble Benchtop:

Who isn’t aware of this classic design that was once the most triendist and still is one the most common designs for kitchen benchtops. A white and black marble top is an evergreen design and can never go out of style for the time being so play it safe with this one!

  • Dark Marble Benchtop:

While falling under the same category of marbles, this one is slightly different. A dark marble benchtop has a white surface as it’s base like classic marble however it’s sharp black and grey veining gives the entire benchtop a heavy dramatic look, effortlessly being the centre of attraction.

  • A Classic All-White Benchtop:

White being an all rounder, it easily fits in everywhere. An all-white minimalistic kitchen is trendy design in modern times hence this calls for an pure all-white benchtop that is shiny and sleek. Talk about style and grace!

  • An Oak and Wood Benchtop:

If you want the benchtop to give a ‘natural’ and ‘unfiltered look”, then the wood and oak designs are just for you. An oak benchtop is towards a light beige in colour hence giving a subtle natural look while the heavy brown shade of a wood benchtop gives a more ‘raw’ look. An aesthetic of it’s own.

  • A Sleek Black and Gold Benchtop:

This is another rising design. The combination of black and gold is not a new one to the modern eye, it is known for the elegance it reflects and when this colour combination translates into a metal benchtop in the kitchen where the black surface hits lines of golds, a striking piece is created!