Cohen Handler has been making a relentless effort since 2009 to lay down a perfect purchasing plan for its customers. With its excellent negotiations and effective bargaining, it has successfully purchased over 1925 properties. And it keeps on opening doors for property investors by finding them their desired houses in Sydney. Sydney is Australia’s largest and expensive city, making it extremely hard to find a suitable house. However, with the aid of Cohen Handler’s buyer agent in Sydney, you can find an incredible house within the period of 4 to 6 weeks. Our agents provide guidance and support so that you could make the right decision.

Before divulging into details of buying a suitable house, let’s look at Cohen Handler’s property investments in Sydney.

Cohen Handler’s property investments usually lie close to the new Metro, convenient employment opportunities, and greenery around the property. The property buyer’s agent- Cohen Handler, in Sydney encourages you to invest in a house with the following features.

One-Floor Living

To maintain an unrivaled standard of living, Sydney offers modern house features. A one-floor living plan is most suited when you are thinking about settling permanently in a house. With growing age, mobility becomes difficult. Hence it is important to buy a house with comforting features. Also, such houses are energy efficient, saving energy for the long term.

One floor living plan provides you with a creative edge to utilize your floor the way you want. It makes maintenance easier and saves your precious time as you no longer have to worry about going upstairs for cleaning. It’s relatively easier to renovate, repair, customize or remodel a single-floor house than a multi-story house. Most of our popular floor plans include first-floor bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen, and laundry.

First-Floor Master Bedroom Suite

Having a master bedroom suite on the first floor is quite convenient. The buyer’s agent in Sydney finds houses with first-floor master bedrooms to provide you far better accessibility. You can get access to your kitchen, patio without climbing up the stairs. Further, the first-floor master bedroom redefines the sales value of your house.

Bathroom and Kitchen Features

Installed curbless walk-in showers, shower controls placed at lower levels, operating appliances, non-slipping floors, and automated light switches and door handles are all one need for an appealing bathroom and kitchen. Kitchen and bathrooms with stylish design choices and modern features make life easier.

Upgraded Lighting

This world is advancing in terms of technology. One of the advancements is motion-operated lighting. The light will automatically switch when you enter the bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home. It reduces your electricity consumption and helps to save your money. Further, installation of sensor light is quite easy. It won’t utilize a lot of your time.

The buyer agents at Cohen Handler’s are here to assist you in buying your dream house. And do check out our properties on lease ranging between $480K to $550K. The property mentioned above features are high-end features; we can also help you find a property that suits your needs.