Having your drainage blocked is a common occurrence, especially if it’s the main one that leads all the wastewater out of your house. The sink in the kitchen and the bathtub are prone to blockage, and it can be a nuisance. Not all blockages are a real problem, some need hot water drained down the main pipe, and you have it unclogged. However, sometimes, it may be a complicated obstruction, and that’s when you need an experienced professional to rescue you.

Why should you get a professional to sort out your blocked drain?

Risks of stagnant water

If you let water stand for too long, it can have plenty of adverse health effects. It’s a conducive environment for germs to breed.  Again, the stagnant water that’s left standing for long leads to a musty odor that will make your entire home uncomfortable.  The odor may not bring about diseases, but you can imagine how depressed you’ll be when in your house and can’t rest comfortably. You can imagine how anxious you’ll be when you’ve visitors with such a stench.

Mold and mildew

What blocks your drain is mainly the excess air hair and food waste. These attract mold where bacteria thrive, pollute the air you breathe, and if you ignore the problem, it gets worse. The bacteria build up on the mold and block the drain. Then the waste begins to seep into your home, and that can cause a nasty effect on your home.


When you ignore the blockage for long or take so long without carrying out some maintenance on your drains, you may have to damage the pipe as you push the gutter’s waste. That is why you need a reputable professional like Blockaroo to unclog it carefully. Be wary, some of the solution providers use chemicals that are harmful to the human and animals. Ensure the expert uses green technology only. That will ensure the drainage is clean and as well no toxic chemicals near your home.

If the drainage professional is not experienced, they could damage the entire system, which may mean doing a complete overhaul, an expensive endeavor.

The inconvenience

You can imagine the kind of disturbance and inconvenience that a clogged drain will cause. If it’s the main drain, you’re forced to find a way of disposing of wastewater, something that may be very hard. Worse still, you may have to halt any activity that involves the use of water.

After heavy rains and storms

Your home drains are designed to release minimal water, which gets flooded and can easily lead to blockage. Those lumps of leaves and accumulated silt should be cleaned regularly to avoid them blocking the waterway. Do not wait until you see a problem with your drainage after a storm; just call in a reputable drainage professional for maintenance.

Having a blocked drain is not anyone’s wish, and therefore you don’t have to wait until you’re in problems. Learn more and get a reputable and experienced professional who will help you fix your drain and save you from the trauma.