Your home is your safe haven, and one obviously wouldn’t want to feel unsafe or exposed to any sort of danger in their home at any given time. Similar to how one decorates their interior and their living space, one also needs to set up good quality security measures to safeguard their home from burglaries, theft and any form of break-ins. Listed below are 4 ways you can secure your home against burglaries and keep yourself, your loved ones and your cherished items safe:

1. By securing all doors

A door is probably the first point of contact for any thief or trespasser to enter your home via – hence, you should ensure that you secure all doors that are entrance points to your home. You need to make sure that the exterior frames, hinges and the door itself are made of strong material that is difficult to break through. If you doors have a mail slot, you should ensure that it is placed in such a way that someone from the outside cannot reach the internal door knob or lock to unlock it from the outside. Certain companies that provide security screen doors in Gold Coast would be ideal if you are looking to further fortify all entrance points to your home.

2. By locking all windows at all times

Many individuals love keeping their windows open at all times – especially during the night! – for the sake of aesthetic. However, make sure you always place your and your family’s safety over aesthetic and keep your windows locked at all times. The locks that most windows come with usually aren’t very effective and can be dismantled from the outside pretty easily – make sure that you change locks. You could opt for old school window latches or step up and install levers that are operated with keys. You should also consider installing glass breaking sensors and window bars to all your windows.

3. By placing ample sources of light outside your home

Thieves and burglars tend to stay away from homes that have highly lit exteriors because then it increases the chances of someone spotting them stepping in or outside people’s homes. Hence, by simply placing enough lighting on the outside of your home, you can play a part in keeping  thieves at bay. You should place light sources in your front and back yards, alongside the walkways and pathways, outside and inside your garage, and within any other external structures you may have such as a gazebo or a pet house. You should also consider installing motion activated lights for easier spotting in security cameras.

4. By setting up a security system in your home

Whether you consider investing in professional and high-quality security systems or whether you are looking to DIY and put something together that works – a security system is absolutely essential for your and your home. If you are looking to install a professional one, you should know that you can find a security system for every possible budget, so your financial position shouldn’t be limiting you in your search. While choosing a security system you need to take into consideration basic factors about your neighborhood and create a list of our priorities.