ASTORIA, NY / Your hardwood floors are either a historic treasure or a new investment. They improve the aesthetic of your home and are known for their durability. However, hardwood flooring’s durability, old or new, doesn’t come without some effort on your part as the homeowner. The flooring experts at National Floors Direct recently discussed the best ways to maintain and protect your hardwood flooring.

“Hardwood floors are not immune to scratches and other abuse,” National Floors Direct experts said. “They’re known for being long-lasting because they truly can last a lifetime if maintained properly by you, the homeowner.”

National Floors Direct experts began by offering several tips to protect hardwood flooring from damage. First of all, they suggested avoiding using water to clean your hardwood floors at all costs. Water and wood are not a good pair, as the water can cause decay and swelling of the wood. Instead, National Floors Direct experts suggested using a soft broom and a dustpan daily. A vacuum that is made for use on hardwood should be used weekly. Stains should be removed with a mop that has been thoroughly wrung out, and the area should be dried afterward.

“Always remove pools of water or other liquids immediately,” National Floors Direct experts stated. “This is not as critical for other types of flooring, but pools of water left for only a short time can cause major damage to hardwoods.”

The flooring specialists at National Floors Direct  also recommend using rugs or other floor coverings in heavy-traffic areas. Places where your children or pets like to play should be covered with runners or mats, and furniture pads should be used beneath all furniture. The National Floors Direct team emphasized that every home has high-traffic zones that endure most of the foot and pet traffic. These are the best areas to cover.

“Consulting the professionals can be one of the best ways to ensure your hardwood floors are maintained properly,” the National Floors Direct team said. “We suggest refinishing your hardwood floors every three to five years depending on the amount of traffic they see.”

The National Floors Direct team can assess the state of your hardwood flooring and let you know when it should be refinished. National Floors Direct also offers many top-quality products to help you keep your hardwoods in excellent condition throughout years, and even decades, of use.