Winter season marks a period when the heating systems in homes resume their duty of keeping the home and its occupants warm. Boilers and heating systems in your home are usually affected by this cold weather condition, resulting in your boiler not functioning correctly or not functioning at all. If your boiler stops working in cold weather, you can carry out an inspection to figure out what may have caused your boiler to stop working. But before that, here are some of the likely reasons your boilers stop working in cold weather.

·       Leaks

One of the common reasons why a boiler may stop working is due to leaking, which may be due to damages to one or more internal parts of the boiler, such as the pressure release valve or pump seal. Boilers require a substantial amount of pressure to circulate water, and if the pressure exceeds an acceptable range, it results in damages, which leads to leaks in the boiler.

·       Low Boiler Pressure

Too much pressure results in damages to the boiler, and a low amount of pressure will result in an inadequate amount of water circulating through the system. This will result in your boiler system struggling to provide enough heat or hot water for your home. Most boiler services revealed that leakages usually cause low boiler pressure.

·       No Power

In some cases, boilers do not even turn on in the first place; when this occurs, the first things to check are the other electrical appliances in the home and see if they are working. If the other devices are working, you may need to check the circuit board to see if it is busted. If this is the case, consider hiring an electrical engineer to carry out a boiler service to diagnose the problem.

·       Faulty Boiler Pilot Light

The pilot light is one of the essential parts of the boiler as it is responsible for lighting the gas in the burner, which in turn provides heat and hot water for the home. For the boiler to keep working correctly, the pilot light must be kept alight at all times. If the pilot light keeps going off, there may be a problem with it.

·       Complete Boiler Breakdown

Most of the reasons why boilers stop working in cold weather can be attributed to damages to one or more parts of the boiler, but in some cases, a total breakdown of the boiler may be why a boiler stops working during the cold weather. Boilers that have been in service for a long time tend to become inefficient and may breakdown beyond repair.

Regularly carrying out a boiler service by hiring a professional will go a long way in extending your boiler’s lifespan and protect them, even during cold weathers.