Condo renovation is subjected to the rules and regulations provided by the condo board. What you can do in a condo is limited, as you must comply with the guidelines. However, that does not mean you cannot make certain improvements to the condo. Given this, here are important things to consider before carrying out a condo renovation.

1. Consult the Condo Board

Every condo is different and the rules governing condo renovation are different from one condo to another. Consequently, consult your condo board for the rules and regulations regarding the renovation of the condo. The board will provide you with the guidelines to follow and the materials you can see for the project. Also, the condo board must approve of your renovation design and details before you begin.

2. Find a Suitable Contractor

It is crucial to find a contractor that specializes in working in condos. Not all contractors love working in condos due to limitations set by the condo board and the regulations. Another reason many contractors avoid condos is that it is more logistically challenging. As a result, ask your contractor if they will like to work on your project.

3. Parking Space

One of the challenges of condo renovation is where the contractor will park their vehicles and move in materials. The reason for the challenge is that each condo owner has only one parking space. In view of this, you must be ready to give up your parking space for the contractor until the renovation is completed; otherwise, be ready to pay for parking space. So, you should include parking space cost in the budget for the project.

4. Categorize the Condo Elements

When creating your condo renovation design, keep in mind to categorize all the elements in the condo into what cannot be altered. Certain objects such as the pillars and concrete walls cannot be altered. The electrical and plumbing work can also pose a challenge to the renovation project.

Build around what cannot be moved and find alternatives to recreate the lighting system, if included in your renovation design.

5. Clean Up

Do not rely on the contractor to clean up the condo after renovation. As a result, plan for how to remove the generated construction trash or debris and clean up the condo.


Consider the above factors before undertaking a condo renovation. You will be able to avoid difficulties when going ahead with the renovation. The tips are helpful condo renovation factors to consider.