The beautiful days are coming, and our desire to get some fresh air! This is a good reason to finally build this balcony that we tend to desert during winter. It is time to transform this open-air extension, in the heart of the city, into a nice, green little garden where it will be good to laze in the sun, have lunch, all of which, of course, protected from the eyes of neighbors.

Quickly discover our five tips to make your balcony your favorite summer hotspot!

1. Wooden Floor for More Comfort

If you don’t like the concrete floor on your balcony, now is the time to fix it! And there is no lack of solutions. In this open-air extension, the balcony flooring will allow you to personalize the place and to take care of it down to the smallest detail. Two avenues to follow: clip-on composite wood tiles, an ultra-easy to install system, and artificial turf, which will make your balcony more envious of a garden worthy of the name!

Mix the two coatings! Thus, you will have the impression of having both a wooden Zen terrace and a small space reserved for greenery.

2. An Ultra Practical Lunch Table

Summer is the season for outdoor lunches, so it is necessary to adopt an ultra-functional table for your balcony. Small and practical, such must be its watchwords. Both these qualities can be found in the smart and foldable table. A table for two can be attached to a railing as well as to a wall; the choice is yours. Also, focus on choosing a sparkling color that will energize the place!

A pro tip here is to buy a table with an ultra-practical storage bin for reduced space. You can install your aromatic plants or products that encroach on the table at lunchtime, smart.

3. Windscreens for Insulation

Sometimes the neighborhood slows us down in our desire to take full advantage of our balcony in summer. However, to sunbathe, have lunch, and garden in peace, there is a very simple solution: the windscreen which is attached all along the railing. Another key detail for seclusion from prying eyes – and the sun at the same time: the parasol. Hanging planters can also play discreet and decorative protections.

Prefer protections with light shades. A parasol and white windscreens will let the light filter in. Whereas if you choose darker shades, you will sooner feel like you are in a closed and stuffy place.

4.  Shelves and Mesh to Decorate

The transformation of your balcony should not neglect the potential of the walls. A nice surface to exploit for your plants and yes, again them! Think of wooden shelves on which you will place your plants. Another decorative solution is the trellis. Thanks to its structure, plants will be able to climb and take possession of the wall.

To decorate this part of the balcony, you can also use pretty wall lights or hanging frames to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor decoration. After all, the balcony is an extension of the apartment!

5. A Mini Vegetable Garden

This summer, you will not escape the mini vegetable garden trend. It has revised its dimensions to fit perfectly into the balcony. Result: the traditional square of greenery becomes a round container mounted on a metal base, which raises it to human height. No need to bend down to maintain and water your planters with this very fun looking vegetable garden.

You can grow both cherry tomatoes and herbs in this mini vegetable garden, but above all, with it, you will integrate a very decorative element into your little one terrace.