Circular Mirrors to Compliment Your Home
Interior designers
love mirrors due to its ability to trick the eyes into believing an otherwise smaller space is quite spacious. Rooms that lack natural sunlight, look cramped or devoid of aesthetics can be easily transformed using mirrors- especially circular mirrors.

Round mirrors add a beautiful contrast to sleek lines and add elegance to any space within the home. Homeowners prefer to use gold or bronze-framed circular mirrors to define bare walls. Although the predominant shape for circular mirrors is constant, they come in gilded, rustic, and wooden styles.

How to Use Circular Mirrors in the Hallway / Foyer

A round mirror in the foyer opens up space upon entry to the home. It helps set a welcoming tone to the rest of the living space with its reflective properties. It also acts as a quick way to recheck hair and makeup before exiting.

Interior decorators recommend hanging a circular mirror about six inches above a table-top or counter. An oversized mirror with the same round shape looks perfect above a bench in the foyer. You may wish to include light fixtures drilled into the wall on both sides of the decorative mirror.

Round Mirrors in the Living Room

The living room is the central point of any home and therefore requires some panache to bring it up to standard. The television and other artwork pieces bring some charm to the living room; however, a circular mirror completes the look. It creates an expansive illusion beyond the physical walls it is attached to.

If the living room in the home lacks natural lighting, round mirrors can correct that. Hang your mirror close to a window to reflect outside light. If you have two windows situated side by side in the living room, find an elongated but round mirror to hang between them.

Circular Mirrors in the Bedroom

Are you wondering why a mirror should be the main focus of your bedroom design? Many people prefer to see the bed as the focal point, and that is not a problem. A circular mirror above your bed illuminates a soft glow in the dark. It happens mostly when little light from the outside filters in.

Aside from the aesthetic effect, it becomes a fully functional visual tool for anybody in bed. All it takes is to strategically position the round mirrors in the bedroom to view the doorway. Keep in mind that the objective is to see whoever enters the bedroom when in a lying position.

How Much Do These Cost?

Decorative mirror sets, especially circular ones, range between £44 and £179, depending on size and make. These mirrors might be a bit pricey because of detailed touches and enhanced polishing by craftsmen. That notwithstanding, there are several budget-friendly options.

Circular mirrors are a great addition to the home when decorating. Although varied shapes and sizes abound on the market, homeowners and interior decorators opt for round ones because they are elegant, add curves to straight lines, and soften up an otherwise rigid view of the home.

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