Is your swimming pool starting to resemble more of a swamp? Are you embarrassed to bring people over to your house? We are here to help. Green water in a pool can be quite common and getting your pool back to its clear self will mean a bit of work. Here are some answers to common questions around green water:

What Causes Green Water?

Having green water in your pool can often be a sign of algae growth. Algae can often grow from dog dander, skin cells, sunscreen leaves, and more that find their way into your pool water. As these particles continue to thrive and multiply, this will lead to the green water spreading as well.

How To Shock Your Pool

Shocking your pool is a process of adding a formula that’s at least 70% chlorine. A shocking product will help you to achieve the desired results by combatting algae blooms and working to remedy the issue.

Will I Need to Drain My Pool?

When you start to see green water in your pool it’s possible that you can drain down some of the water and began scrubbing away the green color. Lightly draining your pool and treating the lesser amount of water in your pool can make sure that you can fix up the problem. Sometimes adding in freshwater and treating the area is all that is required.

Is It Better To Call For Help?

Sometimes contacting a pool repair and cleaning company is the best course of action. If you’re having difficulty with cleaning and balancing your pool, you should consider speaking to a professional who can manage the contamination and properly balance your pool.

Contact us today if you have noticed the signs of green algae in your pool and you could use assistance with balancing it.

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