Home improvement is a year round project. For the active homeowner the next renovation project is always just around the corner. Americans spend a collective $400 billion per year on home improvement projects, and it’s no wonder why: We all want to live in our dream home.

Thankfully, creating yours isn’t as far away as you might think. There are many simple fixes that can really give your living space the feel of luxury, and just in time for the summer months when you are looking for a relaxing space to blow off some steam.

Build or extend your patio space.

Adding or extending your outdoor areas does a great job of bringing in the airiness and freedom of the outside into your home. Adding on pavers or a wooden patio outside your primary living room space opens up the room and makes your home feel larger, warmer, and lighter, giving your entire home a new finish that brightens up the feeling of the entire house. Adding a fire pit in your back yard to round out the ambiance is the perfect way to bring late afternoon relaxing to a whole new level. After a tough day in the office there’s nothing like kicking back with your family in an outdoor space and watching the sunset from the comfort of your own home.

Consider landscaping upgrades.

Another way to promote a great experience any time you are in your home is to upgrade your landscaping. Removing drab shrubs or a dying lawn and replacing them with new sod and colorful, flowering bushes is a great way to revive the entryway into your home, improving the entire house in the process. If you’re an Arizona native, then hiring professional landscaping in Tucson is a great way to kick start any outdoor projects you may be considering. Professional landscaping companies with years of experience can help you create an overall landscape design that incorporates whatever you’d like, from gravel, to hilly spaces, and even tasteful cactus shrubs to replace the old horticulture that occupies space in your front and back yard. A reputable landscaping company will even give you a free estimate for the plants and labor costs.

Reseal your garage and deck floors.

Applying a routine epoxy garage floor coating to your exposed concrete floor spaces and new stain and seal products to your wooden deck areas as recommended is an essential task for homeowners. Doing these maintenance tasks during the spring months is a great time to apply the durable epoxy coating to your most vulnerable floors. These concrete surfaces need routine upkeep in order to prevent cracking, breakage, or splintering that could cause foundation trouble later on, and an epoxy floor coating is a great way to keep them in good shape.

Convert your carpets to hardwood floor.

Installing new hardwood flooring throughout your home is another great upgrade just in time for summer. The wood looks great and it’s incredibly easy to take care of. Many hardwood floors last for years or even decades without much in the way of maintenance aside from simple sweeping alongside your normal cleaning routine. Paired with tasteful rugs, a new hardwood can act as a durable and stylish upgrade to your home that completely changes the feel and energy of the entire house for the better. Hardwood flooring also increases the value of the home in the long run. Modern buyers love this feature in a house and it will attract many more interested buyers when you eventually decide to sell the house and move on.

Home upgrades to usher in the summer are often the most exciting as you look to spend some of your vacation time alongside family. Enjoying the fruits of your renovating labor is a great way to relax.