Contemplating a large concreting job, but dreading the time it takes to set your shuttering, or the labour costs that it incurs from you builder?

Well the good news is – there is an alternative on the market, which can save you both time and money. It can save many back-breaking hours for you or your builder, yet still giving profession results every time, which can only be a good thing.

So, what exactly is it creating this buzz on the building scene?

A product by K-Form. They have designed a revolutionary new way to tackle the lengthy shuttering and screed rail jobs for the building industry. K-Form plastic shuttering is suitable for both small and large concreting jobs, so we decided to dig a little deeper to see what the fuss is about.

Why is K-Form different?

K-Form is a lightweight plastic concrete shuttering system cast in place screed rail system. It has been designed to be strong enough to handle all types of mechanical screeds. K-Form is said to be the new industry standard for plastic concrete shuttering and provides straight quality joints every time whilst being versatile for all types of concrete slabs. This new method is becoming widely used on building sites nationwide, offering a cheaper alternative to the traditional metal screed rails that have been around for many years. As well as a cost saving, K-Form offers timesavings too; and its construction is beneficial to the environment, reducing the amount of waste plastic ending up in our landfill sites.

How can K-Form save time?

It has a simple click together construction method, allowing for simple and easy precise placement even when used in extended lengths.

This gives the ability to allow one person to lay hundreds of metres of screed rail in a single hour, providing a considerable time saving over traditional methods. No longer is there a need for stripping and cleaning shuttering every morning on a long pour schedule, You can save the many hours required for your workers to strip and clean shuttering to reuse every morning. The ability to pour adjacent bays with no delay can speed up your pour rate by up to 50%.

K-Form is both quick and easy to installand has 24mm pre-drilled dowel holes located at 300mm centres, meaning no more time spent measuring and placing dowel rods. You can benefit from quick formwork anchorage simply using the pre-located anchor holes. K-Form provides straight quality joints every time whilst being versatile for use with all types of concrete slabs.

All pieces come with a 10mm top strip, which is removable to allow for joint sealing.

Shown to be up to 4 times faster than steel or timber to set up, it could be just the answer for your next project.

How is K-Form made?

There is even more good news here. K-Form is made from 100% recycled old uPVC window frames, which helps contribute to your BREEAM rating, an important benchmark in the industry to rate buildings, typically the sustainability performance of refurbished domestic buildings in the UK. Saving many old frames from the rubbish heap is great news for the environment.

Large or small scale

No fancy tools or equipment are needed either, making this a low-cost way for anyone considering a project requiring a concrete base.A simple handsaw allows you to easily and precisely cut corner and T-junctions and they simply click into place in a matter of seconds.

You can then add and smooth your concrete, allow it to set, then simply remove the top strip and add your sealant.

We hope learning about the benefits of K-Form will help you save time and funds on your next project. Why not check out our other articles to find other time-saving tips.