Lawn care is a major battle for property owners all over the country. Maintaining that perfect yard is a badge of honor, but it can come at a high cost depending on the pests that frequent your neighborhood. Here are a few ways to simplify the art of getting that perfect yard you’re dreaming of.

1. Utilize the edger with every mow.

Every time you mow your lawn, it’s always necessary to complete the job with your edger and weed whacker to tackle the sidewalks, tough corners, and sprinkler areas. Trimming up these last few edges around the yard will make your yard far more attractive, and it also prevents overgrowth and problems spots from creeping up on you down the line. It can be hard to spot these growth patterns from afar, but trimming everything up at the same time helps keep your sidewalks and corners neat and tidy and prevents root growth across pavement or wooden patio spaces that may go unnoticed if you don’t add edges to your regular mowing routine.

2. Use a fertilizer.

Fertilizer is an important part of healthy lawn growth and is available as an easy to use spray can that hook into your garden hose and can be spread on the lawn in a matter of minutes. The nutrients found in a good fertilizer are essential to promoting a healthy, green lawn. You simply can’t grow your grass to its full potential with water and sunlight alone. Whether you are taming a golf course or a simple back yard, rotating a fertilizer into your routine is a highly important step for maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape.

3. Consider using the collected trimmings instead.

Whether you use a basket to collect the grass cuttings or let them loose as you go and clean up later, they are an important part of promoting growth. Grass clippings can be used all around the garden to promote healthy growth, but the easiest use is to just leave them on the lawn. The nutrients in the cut grass will seep back into the soil as the cuttings begin to decompose. This makes maintaining vitamins and nutrient levels in your soil even easier without the need to run to the store every month or quarter to pick up new fertilizer. It allows you to enjoy your weekend instead of focusing on additional yard care.

4. Prevent overuse by the local wildlife.


Whether your lawn requires a strong goose repellent or the hire of a local weekly animal waste removal service, keeping a lid on the damage caused by wildlife and local pets is important for a healthy and unencumbered patch of grass. Searching for dog poop removal North Aurora IL will give you all the options and facts you need to know to hire the right sized team for animal waste removal in your green spaces. This is particularly important for communal areas that you manage in an apartment block or neighborhood park.

5. Remove weeds regularly.

Weeding your lawn is the final piece of the puzzle. Weeds grow like, well, a weed. They are often invasive and quickly develop defense mechanisms against your best efforts. Some grow spines or minor toxins that irritate your skin, while others have specialized, fragile root systems that sever at the slightest tug, allowing clones to sprout up all around the area of the original offender. Using weed killer – or a homemade alternative to the harsh chemicals – can get you started, but nothing beats a concerted effort to ‘root out’ weeds throughout the yard. This is often best done after a mow because the distinction between freshly cut grass and their weed lookalikes is the most marked after a cutting.

Taking care of your lawn is an art, and it requires some dedication to a few different tasks. But nothing beats a perfectly kept yard.