It is amazing just how many things you can buy in carbon fiber these days. Carbon fiber is not just for jumbo jets and luxury yachts. It isn’t limited to sporting goods and heavy-duty laptop cases. No, you can get everything from plates to saucepans for the kitchen – all in gorgeous, durable carbon fiber.

Look around online. You will find tons of carbon fiber products for the home. Yes, they will cost you more than comparable products made of other materials. But their extreme durability, not to mention their esthetic bonus, will make your carbon fiber kitchen items last much longer.

Carbon Fiber Dishes

Imagine you live in a modern home with ceramic tile floors. Maybe you don’t have to imagine; perhaps that’s your home. At any rate, dropping a ceramic or porcelain dish on a tile floor pretty much spells the end of its life. Very few dishes survive the shock of meeting hardened floor tiles at speed.

Carbon fiber is another matter. Stronger than steel and aluminum, you can drop a carbon fiber plate on a tile floor and know that it will likely survive the impact. Food will still fly everywhere on impact, but at least your plate will survive the fall.

With carbon fiber dishes there are no more worries about having the kids help set the table. You don’t need to worry about your butterfingered spouse dropping the dishes on the way to the dishwasher. The icing on the cake is that your carbon fiber dishes look sleek and modern. They are the envy among your family members and friends.

Carbon Fiber Wine Display

Your expensive ceramic floors are just the beginning. As a wine connoisseur, you love to display your favorite bottles for all your guests to see. Yes, you could go with an old-fashioned wine rack that looks like something your grandfather would have built. But you can also go sleek and modern with a carbon fiber display.

Imagine a shiny, black, carbon fiber post with holes designed to accept the necks of your wine bottles. Fill the rack and you have a beautiful display that looks like a small tree. Now you are telling people, “go ahead, look at just a small portion of my wine collection.”

Carbon Fiber Salt-And-Pepper

If you really want to impress at the dinner table, replace your tired plastic salt-and-pepper set with a carbon fiber-aluminum set. Every dinner party will turn into a conversation about where you got your salt-and-pepper shakers. Even better if a carbon fiber butter dish and a couple of small sauce dishes complement them.

Play your cards right and you will not have to worry so much about your cooking skills. Guests will be so enamored with your carbon fiber kitchenware that they won’t be paying attention to how good the food tastes. That is how you win the dinner party.

Carbon Fiber Drinking Straw

If you really want to go over the top, the final piece of carbon fiber kitchenware on our list is the drinking straw. No, this is not made up. Go search for it on Google and you’ll find it. The carbon fiber drinking straw replaces those disposable plastic straws we all dislike. It is stronger than a steel straw and it looks better too.

Carbon fiber has finally made it to the kitchen. That is good news for people who love modern stuff. Though it does cost more, carbon fiber is well worth the money if you can afford it.