Want to change decoration and furniture completely? We tell you how to get an aesthetic and pleasant personal space. You often want to change your sofa, buy a coffee table or fall for a table without really knowing how to choose or arrange them. There are foolproof tips for redecorating your interior harmoniously while opting for seasonal furniture and colors. Rather vintage or rather modern? Warm colors or cool colors? Corner or centered furniture? We tell you everything to succeed in the layout of your living room. In this home improvement guest post we will discuss about it.

Choose an adaptable style

The idea to have a nice living room is to personalize it as you wish . But tastes change according to time and desires. Also, it’s best to choose a theme or designs that you are less likely to get tired of. Choose cozy interiors (since the living room is one of the rooms where you spend the most time relaxing), bright, with rather sober or rather colorful touches depending on your preferences. If you want something to brighten up and not sink into monotony, decorate your walls with paintings or drapes, buy lights , mirrors, add plants, or assorted cushions for the sofa. Removable elements that are easy to replace if you decide in six months or a year to completely change the spirit of your living room.

Start by placing the sofa

If you decide to invest in a sofa , it will be the main element of your living room. Colored to give pep , or sober for tranquility, it is above all by its size that it will condition the layout of your interior. In general, we tend to put it against a wall to save space. Note that it is better to leave a few centimeters between the two to avoid leaving a mark on the wall over time (mom’s advice). The sofa also fits very well in the middle of a room if it is large enough. It can serve as a rupture element between two spaces if for example your dining roomor your kitchen is an extension of your living room and you want to separate them. Avoid placing your sofa at an angle in a corner. Even if a coffee table hidden behind with a pretty lamp or a large plant still makes their effect, this location occupies far too much space that could be profitable otherwise, adding end tables or occasional furniture for example.

Buy coverings or textiles

To change its interior, no need to move all the furniture. Your ten-year-old sofa can become new again with a simple coating. If it came with covers, you can find new ones in supermarkets to give your sofa a facelift. Otherwise, there are shops where you can get or have custom coatings made for your furniture . If this alternative proves to be too expensive, a blanket or blanket placed over it will do the trick. The trick also works with curtains and rugs which are infinitely interchangeable and will always give an impression of novelty to your living room.