Interior designers – the people who study & toil hard to learn how to bring your dream to reality. Your vision is deciphered and put down on paper. Then, it’s executed in reality to make sure you’re living the dream. That’s what interior designers can do. But if they will or not depends on who you choose.

Here are 5 qualities to look for while choosing an interior designer, so that your dream becomes a reality.

  1. Experience

There’s a choice you need to make – do you want experience or do you want the illusion of saving money while choosing an interior designer?

The reason I say this is because many people would often drop the idea of just hiring an interior designer for the idea seems like a splurge. People often discount their work & think they can design their homes by themselves. Well surely they can, if they’re ready to put in months to study interior design and then some to plan & execute & then again some to correct the mistakes you’re bound to make as a newbie.

I believe the notion is generated because many don’t realise the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. Interior decoration is easy – just shift a few things around and you’ve a new look but interior design deals with functional aspects of the space along with the aesthetic ones.

Interior design professionals are trained, academically and professionally, to give you a correct layout, design and implementation of the prepared design. For example, ANSA Interiors, a leading interior designing firm in Delhi, India is a luxury interior designing firm with top architects and interior designers in Delhi that are not only educated at the top design institutes of the country but also go the extra mile to keep themselves updated with latest home design technologies. Doing so enables the firm to deliver updated designs to their luxury clientele.

Thinking that any hobbyist can match the talent and skill of such trained professionals is a huge mistake, which homeowners pay for while correcting the design blunders.

Hence, if you’re looking to redesign your home, understand why you need the experience and how that experience comes at a price.

  1. Transparency

Another factor that dissuades people from picking interior designers is the lack of transparency. Interior designing firms primarily manage the design aspects and then, outsource the work to the contractors.

Several firms keep the cost of all this behind the closed doors, while homeowners are expected to pay whatever the designers say the contractors have quoted. However, there is a different type of professionals, like ANSA Interiors. They’ve a transparent working model, where they do help you find the contractors and even manage them for you but the price dealing is direct and 100% transparent.

As a homeowner, you now know that the designer isn’t charging you extra over their consulting fee. You have full confidence in them due to the transparent model. Therefore, I recommend you to choose designers that work with such models to avoid misunderstandings at a later stage.

  1. Timeliness

It’s a given in the industry that construction and design projects are often delayed. Have you wondered why it’s so? It’s because many contractors and designers cite unrealistic timelines just to land the project. Once the deal is finalised, they work at their own leisurely pace on the project.

Homeowners find it quite frustrating, especially when you plan to move into the property soon. The moving date is delayed multiple times, making you restless and rather disappointed.

You can avoid that by having an open conversation with the designer of your choice and asking them to give you the exact timeline while factoring in any expected delays instead of the fancy timeline to excite you to lighten your pockets.

  1. Tech-savviness

Interior design industry has been greatly influenced by the technology. Smart homes with smart appliances are an expected feature of a new home design. When looking for an interior designer, make sure you check their portfolio and inquire about how they incorporate such smart technologies like AI & machine learning into your homes.

As a homeowner, you want your home design to be ready to serve you for next few decades. Home technology may not be the biggest in your circle as of now but will definitely be a must in just a few years to come. Soon, it would be unimaginable to have a home that’s not smart. Hence, I recommend you to push your interior designer for incorporating this technology now.

Use these four qualities as guiding factors to choose an interior designer that can help you build your dream home. Comment below if you think this post has helped you out!