Are you getting ready to replace those old windows in your home or business? It is time to save your energy and some of that money in your pocket. The windows are there to protect you and your family. It keeps your home from the cold winter nights and the heat of record temperature of the summers or that horrible sticky fog and sweat. You shouldn’t have to go through the heartache or headache of the old or broken windows in your home or business. No matter if you are looking to replace a window yourself or looking to hire someone like Austin TX windows replacement.

If you are looking at replacing the whole window or might want to consider getting the right tools and materials you are going to need to replace your window in your home or business.

Tools You Will Need-

  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Screw Gun

Materials You Will Need-

  • Galvanized Screws
  • Foam Insulation
  • Shims
  • Nails
  • Window
  • Felt Paper
  • Window Wrap

To Remove Windows

You are replacing the whole window then you first going using a crowbar to remove the entire window casing of the window including the trim and sill plate.

After you have removed the window casing make sure that your headers and studs are plum and square and your frame matches the dimension of the new window.

Start installing the window from the exterior of the window by pushing until the window up until it is flush with your frame. Screw the window into place. Make sure it is anchored very well to a solid stumble piece of wood. Make sure you adjust the window until it is square by maneuvering the screws and adding shims to the areas that might need adjustment. Once you have the window in place and in the correct position from the exterior make sure you are using screws or nails to make sure your window is secure into place.

Once you have the window in the right place wrap your window with a layer of window wrap around the fins of your window. Make sure you overlap the wrap and completely cover the surfaces. It is the number key so you don’t allow moisture in. make sure you got it straight and flash to the window frame correctly.

Insulate your window by putting expanding foam that will sealant in the gap between the casing and the window. Cover all edges and tape to protect the surface if you need to. The foam dries and can be scraped off with any knife.

Replace the trim and casing if needed. After the foam has dried, cut away the excess and install a new interior casing and replace your exterior trim if needed.

Now you are not comfortable at all doing it yourself, or you might any questions then give an export a call and they can help you out to make sure your window replacement is done correctly for your home and business replacing those old, broken windows today can be harder than it looks so you might want to let Austin TX windows replacement be the one to install those awesome up to date state of art, easy to clean, new windows.

No matter if you are remodeling or simply just replacing those windows in your home or business. Austin Tx windows replacement can do it for you. They have the right solution for you. They will make it easy and painless for your bank account. There to help and listen to your ideas, vision. You will always have the final say when it comes to your windows.