Long Beach architecture firms come in all sizes and specialties. There are the large commercial firms, designing huge complexes, and the smaller firms that design single family residences or work on tenant improvement projects. There is a Long Beach architect out there for whatever type of design work you need.

A Long Beach Architect for Commercial and Residential Projects

One Long Beach architecture firm, Grisafe Architecture, seems to have found the “sweet spot” when it comes to architectural design projects. They have worked on both residential and commercial projects, and have put together an impressive portfolio to showcase that work. Their commercial work includes medical offices, restaurants, a beauty salon, and even an indoor swim school. They are willing to tackle complex projects that other small architecture firms might shy away from, calling in experts when needed. They are also able to design in a variety of styles—from sleek and modern to warm and rustic.

Their residential work is just as varied, and includes whole-house remodels, custom home design, kitchen remodels, outdoor space design, and front elevation design. The firm has interior design and landscape professionals on hand so projects can have a professionally finished look—down to the finest details.

Grisafe Architecture is somewhat selective when it comes to their projects, however. Head architect and owner of Grisafe Architecture Mark Grisafe says, “Our clients have diverse needs. Usually our services fit those needs, but sometimes they don’t. That is why we maintain good relationships with smaller and larger firms. When we receive a call for a project that is either too small to economically take on or too large given the size of our staff, we reach out to these other firms. We’ll either hand the job off or offer to partner on the job.”

A Long Beach Architecture Firm That Truly Listens to Their Clients

Grisafe Architecture is big on collaboration. They welcome and encourage input from their clients—both commercial and residential—knowing that when the client has a voice in the process, it creates a better end result and a more satisfied client.

However, the Long Beach architecture firm is never willing to cut corners, even if the client asks them to. Grisafe says, “I think one of the main reasons that we have experienced the level of success that we have is that we will not compromise on the quality of our work.  Even when a client has tried to encourage, or outright bully us into cutting corners that might cause them future problems, we hold firm while we attempt to educate them on the dangers of that particular short cut. In the end, when everything works the way it’s supposed to, the client tends to forget why. They just remember that they made good decisions during the construction of the project… and that’s good enough for us.”

You can learn more about Grisafe Architecture by visiting their website: https://mgrisafearchitect.com/