Think back to the first time a child picked up a paintbrush and created some fanciful art with blobs of color. Chances are, they were using watercolors because they’re safe and washable for children.

Fast forward. Watercolors have grown up, big time. This water-based style of painting still creates beautiful, memorable art, with a softness that can bring light and a renewed energy to different areas in the home.

Known for its subtlety, watercolor wallpaper emphasizes loose lines, thin washes, and transparent colors.

They make great accent walls. For a full-cover option, wallpapers that use the watercolor technique with images like animals, flowers, or even oceans can completely transform a room.

For the Minimalist…

A simple design, or no design at all, watercolors go hand-in-hand with minimalist decor.

In the Bedroom

A dramatic headboard supported by a splash of color can breathe color into a space without requiring too much effort. Pastels work well with natural light. Earthy and soft greys complement the watercolor method.

In the Bathroom

Watercolors are also perfect for nature images. Think skies, streams of water, and airy flows. The lightness of watercolor makes it ideal for capturing calming, relaxing moods, which are perfect for the bathroom or powder room — a room most people spend time in more often than they might admit.

In the Foyer

Capture movement or stillness in nature with a watercolor design above a small table near the entrance of a door. This style goes very well next to an all-white room or wall, introducing a light color that splashes in the perfect area without doing too much.

Think Abstract…

One of the most appealing aspects of watercolor is that lines are rigidity are not allowed. The more abstract, the more creative, and the better the effect.

In the bedroom

Deep hues like browns and blacks in a watercolor design open up paths to making abstract statements that speak for themselves. They can be paired with dramatic or light furniture. Also, mixing up shapes and tones will add some spice to the room.

Study Room

Hard not to get caught up in your zone with a backdrop among a captivating watercolor wall. A dramatic effect uses the simplicity of just two or three colors. A single color gradient style creates what seems like the perfect environment.

Entry Way

Don’t waste functional space without popping in some color. A wall that leads outside or to stairs is an excellent position for a watercolor design. You can use soft colors that are inviting and remind you of a relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

Careful selection for the right wallpaper can invite another angle of lighting into the space. Opt for bright, deep application of pigments.

Go bold…

A watercolor wallpaper doesn’t only have to be soft and gentle. It can really crank up the flavor with bold colors using ombre effects.

In the Bedroom

There are no rules with originality. It’s where trends are born. Watercolor reimagines statement walls.

Another option is selecting a design with a resemblance to patterns already in the room, like a comforter or throw. Watercolor designs can get creative with color and patterns. Matched or switched up, it can be a practical addition.

In the Entryway

Another smart choice for a bold wallpaper with watercolor strokes is in the entryway. Colors can be vibrant and inviting, creating pleasing energy.

Study Space

Change an ordinary space into a calming oasis using watercolor paint designs. The light brushstroke technique easily identified using watercolors is a great way to transform white or single-color walls from ordinary to breathtaking.

Ombre Effect…

The beauty of watercolor on wallpaper is that it can be equally masculine and feminine. Greens and greys are easily gender-neutral in several different shades, but even pink in a watercolor ombre effect says chic and style more than girly-girl. Starting with a light grey base that fades to or from a soft pink is sophisticated and subtle.

Small Areas and Accent Walls

A morning sip of coffee, or the space where creativity blossoms, simple furniture complemented by a light colored-ombre wall is easy on the eyes and spirit.

There’s no reason ombre has to stay simple and undefined. More color ups the vibration. Find a pallet that speaks to the desired energy of the room. Themes like ocean blues and sunset shades welcome shades of blues, purples, oranges, and greys.

Other Ideas…

The possibilities are plentiful with watercolor wallpapers — any room of the house, from the dining room and kitchen to bedrooms and entry spaces. Watercolor designs can be bold or soft. There really is so much versatility in these wallpaper styles.

With smart lighting and a focal-point thematic color scheme, watercolor brings a distinct texture to a wall that ordinary paint does not.