If you are the owner of a single-family home in San Diego, there are many replacement window companies that will cater to your needs when it’s time to upgrade the windows in your home. But according to one San Diego replacement window company, residential windows aren’t just for single family homes.

A recent article by BM Windows, a window replacement company in San Diego, explains that “for many replacement window companies, the majority of their business comes from owners of single family homes. But these aren’t the only type of properties that can benefit from new residential windows.” Residential windows can also be used in condominiums, small apartment complexes, and even boutique hotels, according to the article.

Even though apartment complexes and hotels, and even some condos, can be considered “commercial” properties, they almost always use residential windows. This is good news for owners and managers of these types of properties because residential windows are less expensive and easier to have installed than commercial windows.

If you own a condo and want to change out the windows and patio doors, make sure you go with a replacement window company that will help you through the approval process. Most condominium complexes have strict guidelines as to the types of windows you can put in your unit and will require owners to fill out paperwork and get approvals prior to installation. An experienced San Diego replacement window company should be able to help a condo owner not only select windows that fit within the complex’s architectural guidelines, but also help provide any needed documentation and assist in completing the paperwork.

For owners and managers of apartment complexes, you want to hire a replacement window company that will work well with both you and your tenants. The company should know how to work efficiently so there is as little disturbance as possible to your tenants’ lives.

Similarly, boutique hotel owners who want to replace the windows in their building will want to make sure there is minimal downtime for each room that will have their windows and patio doors replaced, and that there is limited disturbance to hotel guests. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel that feels like a construction zone, so go with a replacement window company that works efficiently and doesn’t leave a mess in their wake.

The takeaway: if you need residential windows in San Diego for a property other than a single family home, it can be a little more difficult to find a San Diego replacement window company that will cater to your situation, but they are out there. You shouldn’t have to pay extra for a commercial window company to install commercial-grade windows, when less expensive residential windows will do just fine.