To some, small bathrooms limits your creativity but this should not be the case. Small bathrooms are actually a great way to showcase your creativity to create space illusion and make it even more impressive.

Despite its size, when you achieve a great designed small bathroom, you can rest be assured that you will be comfortable.

If the design aspect is all too much for you, you can always opt to partner with a local professional team who specialise in small bathrooms, such as this Sydney bathroom renovation company.

Install a Modern Walk-In Shower

If you have a bathtub and you feel that your bathroom is too small, it’s easy to deal with this. All you have to do is remove the bathtub and instead install a walk-in shower. There are modern ones that will boost the appearance of the bathroom. Instead of using a shower curtain, you can just install a door. Manufacturers have come up with different designs with a seamless glass door being one of the most popular.

Mount Everything on the Wall

Another way that you can make the small space appear larger is by mounting the fixtures there on the walls. From the sink to the toilet, mount them and this will create more space on the ground. Have an overhead shower instead of a bathtub. The wall has a lot of space that is never utilized and by utilizing this, there will be a lot of space on the floor.

Use Mirrors Effectively

To create space illusion and bring some brightness to the bathroom, you do not have to enlarge it. This is possible when you have mirrors on the walls as they tend to reflect light more which is a good thing for a small space. You will no longer feel as if the room is too small.

Get Creative to Save on Space

At times, the bathroom is not as small as it may seem. It is probably that it is overcrowded. During renovations, choose one or two colors to use in the bathroom and the fixtures should only be what is necessary. There are people who keep all manner of stuff in the bathroom including mops, rugs, buckets and even dirty clothes. Avoid this as it takes much space and will definitely make your bathroom smaller.

Even when the bathroom seems too small for you, you can still make a statement. The design especially the layout will play a significant role in its appearance. When not sure about what will work for the small bathroom, it’s advisable that you work with a professional designer.