Sydney Design Kitchens and Bathrooms

Renovations are a great project to increase the value of your house. Some renovations, however, can increase the cost too much, pricing you out of the market. Some renovations of bathrooms and kitchens in Sydney can be made saving you time and money by using professionals.

. When you’re not sure where to start, go for high use spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Effectively renovating or refreshing these spaces can increase the value of your house. Seeing the final result is pretty darn, gratifying!

  1. Get a valuation done if it hasn’t been done already. You can usually check the estimated value of your land on your rates bill. Look at the range of values between you and your neighbours. Ensure your renovations will keep your property competitive. Your real estate can give you neighbourhood values. You can also do an internet search to get comprehensive pricing ranges in your suburb.
  2. Choose the room to renovate. If you’re not sure, call in an expert for their opinion. An expert can look at each room and give you an estimate in a pinch of time. There is a high chance you’ll be employing experts for at least some of the work. Why not get a price from them for the entire reno while they’re there? If you can afford professionals take to do all the work, you can rest knowing it will be done expertly. It should also come with material and workmanship warranties.

Get renovating! Research sustainable local materials. These will be cheaper in the long-term. Find out which tradies the local bathroom and kitchen renovation shops call when they’re undertaking a project for a client. Better yet! Talk to local business owners who do provide complete renovation packages. They take care of the tradesman, logistics, products and materials. They know who the best locally qualified tradesman are, where to get the best value materials and are pros at managing the logistics of renovation.

Sydney is a populous city, but it’s also competitive. Buyers want value, quality and location. Sellers wish for the highest profit with the smoothest process. When you’re renovating, check local, state and federal legislation. Ensure every change you make to the house will pass property inspections and council regulations.

The last thing you want when you are finished is discovering that no tradesperson will sign off on the work. Remember, there are strict fire safety standards for kitchens. Get the professionals in for this kind of work. House fires and failing fire safety inspections aren’t worth the trouble, of saving a few dollars at the beginning of a project.