We’ve all been there, bought a house years ago and it was ok, a few things that need doing but not urgent, it can wait. Sound familiar? This type of scenario is familiar to thousands of Australia homeowners but eventually those jobs, renovations or refurbishments need doing. This is especially relevant if you are looking to put your home on the market in the future, after all, who wants to buy a house that looks 20 years out of date? No one, but if by some miracle they do want to buy it in its current condition, you can be sure that they will want a heavy discount on the market price for your area!

Keeping Your House

Even if you don’t plan to sell your house, those longstanding jobs still need doing, but where do you start? The roof is a good place to start and if you haven’t had it checked for years, now might be the time. A leaky or damaged roof can affect the interior of a home eventually and even affect the structural integrity of the building in severe cases. Windows are another area that needs addressing sooner rather than later and if you can get them checked and need replacements, uPVC window manufacturers tend to be cheaper than other suppliers as you effectively cut out the middle man and of course, the associated costs. Replacing windows and doors with modern designed uPVC products can also save you money on your energy bills, obviously something worth noting.

Heating Systems

Ok, heating systems generally aren’t visible unless you physically look for them, but old boilers are nowhere near as efficient as the modern versions on the market. Boilers and central heating systems that are over 20 years old belong in a museum and although relatively expensive they will, in time, provide a return on your investment. WARNING: Do not attempt boiler installation yourself unless you are qualified and have years of experience, not only is this foolhardy in the extreme it can also be dangerous.

Garage and Gardens

The garden and garage are usually a very low priority when it comes to modernising a home but updating your exterior is just as important as the interior. Scruffy or dated gardens create a bad impression to visitors so no matter how plush your interior is, this will make no difference if the exterior looks like something out of the 1970’s. Modern garden landscaping is available at reasonable prices across Australia and when combined with a new concrete driveway and brand new garage door can make your home’s exterior something the neighbours will envy!

So, there you have it, a brief run-down of the things you should be doing to both modernise and improve the appearance of your home. If you need further information about any of the ideas detailed above, contact a local specialist and they will be only too glad to provide you with a quotation.